How I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse


As it turns out, zombies are pretty accommodating.

You agree to cower in terror, and they agree to lurch around outside the compound and moan. Sure, it gets a little monotonous on this side of the fence, but, hey, at least we have dental. Or we did, anyway, before that smart zombie breached the perimeter and finished off our dentist.

But, really, I can’t complain. The power grid may be down, but I still have my iPod—and thanks to my Solarmonkey solar charger, my personal zombie apocalypse is accompanied by a rockin’ soundtrack. Oh, and since I also have a Solarnut battery for storing solar energy when the sky is perfect, having access to power when the weather is cloudy is no problem.

The days here can be exhausting, what with the manual labor required to eke out a living in a world gone mad and all, but I still have time to work on my photography. Sometimes, when it rains, I like to wander around the compound and take pictures. Zombies may be afraid of the water, but thanks to my Aquapack 458 Waterproof Digital SLR Camera Case, I don’t have to be.

When I get back inside the building, I fire up my laptop, upload the pictures, and edit away. That’s why I’m so thankful for our Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger. But, I have to admit, I wish the Internet was still humming along. I’ve got some great zombie candid shots, and I’d like to share them with someone.
Of course, we know we aren’t the only survivors. Every night, we get together and turn on the Eton SP100 Scorpion Solar/Handcrank radio to see what sort of chatter we can pick up. Mostly it’s static. Once, we thought we heard something about an outpost filled with supplies and medicine, but we could never get it to come in clearly. The next night, Larry swore he heard a used car commercial. Since that was right before he went insane and hopped the fence, I don’t put much stock in what he had to say.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure I would leave the compound even if there was a well-stocked outpost out there somewhere. I have a couple hundred books left on my ereader, a Fat Cat Power Bar 9600 to keep it going, and all the canned beans I could ever want. Some days, the zombie apocalypse seems downright peaceful, you know.

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