How Solar Technology Is Changing How We Treat Power Outages


Portable solar generators are an excellent choice for keeping electronics humming while trekking through the wilderness or riding out an unexpected power outage, but sometimes, your alternative power needs might be a little more, well, mundane.

Consider the case of a building a pole barn or other outbuilding on a large rural property. While it may be easy to choose the ideal location for your new building, getting electricity to it may not be simple at all. In extreme cases, you might be looking at actually connecting the property to the grid, a costly proposition. More commonly, when power is already available on the property,  you often quickly discover that running wire from the current source to a remote outbuilding can require a significant amount of money, require permits and involve a great deal of governmental red tape. Worst of all, it can mean spending your weekend digging trenches and running conduit.

If your power needs are modest, that kind of work might not be worth the hassle.
In these cases, purchasing a portable solar generator like the Extreme 350 Adventure Solar Kit can make a lot of sense. You can move the unit from place to place on your property at a moment’s notice. Consider these advantages:

No Location Restrictions
No matter where you need power, you can get it there. No tricky logistics, no contractors.  Just pick up the unit up and walk it where you want it.

No Grid Connection or Installation Costs
Yes, buying your own generator requires an initial outlay of cash, but consider this: Your purchase is likely to be much less expensive than getting wire run to a distant spot on your property. If you would have to hire someone else to do the work, feel free to multiply this savings by a factor of three.

No Operational Costs
Unlike having a local utility company deliver your power or using a gasoline generator, a portable solar generator has no operating costs associated with it. Simply let the sun charge the battery and enjoy free electricity whenever you need it.

There’s a reason that redheaded little girl always sang “The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow.” Turns out, it always does. As long as your equipment is maintained and has access to the sunlight, it will be waiting to work for you on demand. Many generators also will charge from a regular wall outlet, so even dark days are no problem.
Relying on portable solar generators to take power where you need it can be a great choice for getting things done anywhere on your property. The price is right, the restrictions are few, and the technology is stable. Perhaps the greatest advantage: when the work is done, you can throw your solar unit in the car and head out for that wilderness weekend after all.

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