How to Prepare Before the SHIF!


When a disaster strikes, things can go south quickly. If you aren’t prepared for the worst, it doesn’t really matter if you find yourself caught in a localized situation or the end of the world as we know it. Either way, your life just changed radically for the worse.

Taking control of the situation before there’s trouble looming on the horizon is a much better option. No doubt about it, there’s nothing easy about packing up and bugging out, but having the right gear on hand makes a successful outcome much more likely.

So, what kinds of preps should top your list? Like always, first things first. Ensure that access to safe, drinkable water is no problem. A great way to do that is investing in a 12V Portable Survivor Pro Water Purification System. This unit can purify up to 180  gallons of water per hour, effectively turning a stream, pond, swimming pool, or other water source into your family’s lifeline.

Water may be your most critical need, but a safe supply of food isn’t far behind. You can take care of this with rations designed for long term storage, but let’s face it: not everything worth eating comes in a tin can. That’s why you need a 12V National Luna Portable Fridge/Freezer , one of the best portable refrigeration systems on the market. Weighing in at 64 pounds, this unit can keep your food frozen even in sweltering ambient temperatures. And with a capacity of 40 liters, there’s room for every food you never wanted to do without.

Of course, a water purification system and a portable refrigeration unit aren’t much good if you have no way to power them. Your bugout gear isn’t complete without a generator. You could choose a gasoline-powered unit, but they’re noisy, give off fumes, and are useless without fuel. A better choice? Try the Humless Sentinel Portable Off-Grid Generator. Capable of powering AC and DC devices, this unit is ultra portable. When it’s time to recharge the powerful Plug-N-Play 50Ah Lithium Battery, consider using a foldable solar panel to noiselessly turn sunlight into electricity.  A 75 Watt Hi Efficiency Solar Panel is great tool for the job.

Once you’ve taken care of your basic needs, you may start to notice things—like how quickly the daylight runs out when you still need it to get things done. Fortunately, you can stretch your usable hours deep into the night by making sure you include a Princeton TEC Apex Headlamp in your gear bag. It’s bright, waterproof, and tough enough to be standard issue for cavers and outdoorsmen alike. When the sun goes down before the work is done, you’ll be glad you have one handy.

There’s no telling when a TEOTWAWKI situation may be just around the corner. If it ever rolls around, make sure you’re ready. Have the preps you need in place, keep your family safe, and be ready to settle in for the long haul. The new normal may be here for awhile.

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