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It’s not a word you want to hear, especially when you know the storm is headed your way. With sustained winds of up to 156 miles per hour, a Category 4 hurricane can turn your town into something resembling a war zone. As for a Category 5 storm, well, it’s hard to describe the devastation they can bring. You’re only chance is to remember two things: Hide from the wind and run from the water. Do that, and the immediate danger will be over soon enough.

But, then, there’s the aftermath. In our post-Katrina world, we know that things don’t always get better in a day—or even in a week—after the storm is over. What’s the best way to prepare for that? Make sure you have access to water and electricity, because it may be long time before things get back to normal.

Before there’s rough weather on the horizon, consider outfitting your household with a Tan 40 LPF Sling Pack Hybrid Portable Generator. This amazing piece of gear can turn sunlight into a powerful supply of up to 400 watts of continuous AC power. That’s more than enough to keep a small refrigerator running or a CPAP machine working until help arrives. The unit can also handle all your DC power needs.

As much as we need electricity, its importance pales in comparison to what may be the most critical survival factor of all: the availability of a safe water supply. Fortunately, the 12v Portable Survival Water Purification System can help you meet that need even the most extreme conditions. Its four stage filtration system and UV light-powered disinfecting abilities make it the perfect choice for deriving safe, potable water from swimming pools, ponds, lakes, or other source at the rate of 120 gallons per hour.

Power and water may be the basics, but having a method to preserve food is not far behind on any well-prepared household’s list of precautions. The 40 quart Engel MD40 12V Fridge/Freezer is a great option for meeting this need as you ride out the storm. This unit can keep your food cool and safe—or even frozen—in extreme conditions, yet its efficient design and low energy draw makes it the perfect complement to a portable power system.

Surviving a hurricane can be serious business, and the days after the storm can be even more difficult to handle than the raging wind and surging water. By providing your household with access to reliable power, water, and safe food supplies, you can take great strides towards ensuring a positive outcome.

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